Advanced Tutoring

To ensure your child’s success, your child will work in small groups of five or fewer with trained educators and computer-based programs. Not only will we provide exceptional training, we’ll also provide snacks while they’re in our care and bring them home after their two hours of instruction.

For the best results, we suggest your child attend three after-school sessions each week. Each session lasts approximately two hours. However, we understand that your schedule varies and we are happy to arrange the specific days and times that are best for you and your child.

The Advanced Tutoring Program Offers

  • Free afterschool tutoring in Math, English and Language Arts for middle and high school students in grades 7 – 12!
  • Free Transportation – we’ll pick your children up from school and bring them home safely!
  • Free snacks — we’ll feed your children while they’re in our care!
  • Certified and experienced teachers as tutors
  • Small tutor – student ratios (5:1)
  • State of the art computers and instruction
  • Tutors who reinforce learning that occurs during the regular school day
  • Nice, safe environment that includes time, space and supervision for quiet study
  • A program that is truly based on the individual needs of your child
  • On-going communication with parents and teachers!

As believers in your child’s ability to succeed, we target specific educational needs and learning styles while continuously monitoring your child’s progress and providing you with regular reports. We also work directly with your child’s teachers in an effort to reinforce the learning that occurs during the regular school day.

Register Your Student Now

Don’t hesitate. Register your child today for free SES tutoring services by Advanced Tutoring. It may well be one of the most important decisions you make about your child’s middle or high school education. To get started, simply complete the form below, call us directly at 810.744.6555, or contact your child’s school counselor and inform them that you want to enroll your child in Advanced Tutoring’s free SES tutoring services. Do it today and help secure your child’s education — and future!

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